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Government 5.0: The future of public services

In the public sector, the future of government services goes well beyond citizen centric services, or whole-of-government approaches to service delivery and gravitates toward whole-of-life service delivery. Understanding the citizen model, not through a government lens, but holistically, is the focus. In 5.0, public service providers are asking where they can fit in their customers’ lives, rather than the other way around of “where do customers fit in providers’ processes”. 


“Last year, $1.5 Trillion was spent on Digital Transformation efforts. And, according to World Economic Forum only 1% of those initiatives are going to reach their goals.”

Professor Marek Kowalkiewicz.
Keynote address, Government 5.0: the future of public services, Brisbane, 20 August 2019.


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A moonshot is a destination, a goal, like eliminating poverty or curing cancer, loonshots are the crazy ideas that get us there. This book highlights all the ideas that have been dismissed in history, but that ended up actually leading to great change. Applying lessons from physics, Safi Behacall provides a toolkit for employers wanting to foster and inspire loonshots in their organisations.

Be the disruptor – build your capability

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Disruptive Innovation Leaders Course

The Disruptive Innovation Leadership Course is a professional development opportunity for innovation capability building.


The role of AI

More than Meets the AI
Assessing the impact of artificial intelligence on the work of government.

Can Games Help Senior Officials Govern in the Age of Artificial Intelligence?


Delivering Artificial Intelligence in Government: Challenges and Opportunities


The Digital Week 

Automation: Hype vs. Reality

How long until we’re sipping Piña Coladas while robots do all the work? QUT’s Prof. Kevin Desouza joins Prof. Marek Kowalkiewicz to break down the hype vs. reality of job automation and discuss why in a digital world, digital natives are most out of work.



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