12 March, 2019
QUT Gardens Point

Robots are here to serve us. From vacuuming our carpets to working in our factories and offices.
Is this our version of modern servitude? Should robots have rights, time off, unions, identity numbers, legal identification?

How do we feel about having multiple robots living with us, in our house, reading stories to our children? And what happens when we become emotionally dependent on them? Or if they hurt someone – who is actually responsible?

The Chair in Digital Economy proudly hosts Something Digital’s first Night Nomad event at QUT Gardens Points.


  • Marek Kowalkiewicz (Moderator), Chair in Digital Economy, QUT
  • Markey Brown, CEO & Co-Founder, Conpago
  • Dr Marianne de Pierres, Sci-fi Author
  • Dr Paula Dootson, Senior Research Fellow, QUT Chair in Digital Economy
  • Sue Keay, Cyber-physical Systems CSIRO’s Data 61

Night Nomad 1 Wrap Up: The ethics of robot servants