The Disruptive Innovation Leadership Course is a professional development opportunity for innovation capability building. Designed for senior leaders and change agents.

Building capability

Disruptive Innovation Leadership Course is a professional development program that cultivates future thinking in participants. The purpose of this intensive, interactive workshop is to create an opportunity mindset through the introduction of strategic innovation lenses to fuel decision making and build a culture of innovation that empowers leaders with confidence and an understanding of the thinking patterns and practical skills required to proactively identify and capitalise on new opportunities available in the digital economy.

Participants learn how to empathise, ideate, prototype and test new ideas. Through small group work they will learn to co-design creative solutions to complex problems in a high-energy, stimulating environment. They will build capability, skills, confidence and a common language in service delivery innovation; a solution focused methodology that applies logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning to problem solving; and a structured framework for customer-centred thinking.

About the course

The course is delivered in a high-intensity two-day program based at QUT Gardens Point, by a team of Australia’s leading digital innovation experts. Each course is tailored to align with the organisation’s industry, strategic direction and resources. Flexible delivery options are available for organisational programs.   


  • Appreciate the value of opportunity driven innovation.
  • Ability to socialise new thinking paradigms within your organisation.
  • Learn how to generate venture ideas in a structured way (industrialising innovation).
  • Become comfortable being curious and creative.
  • Learn how to take an idea to roll out.

Learning outcomes

  • Strategies and approaches for innovation.
  • The facets for ambidextrous innovation.
  • Ideation lenses for rapid ideation.
  • Confidence and know-how for rapid ideation.



Tailored Group Programs – $1,999 per person (minimum group size 25)
Open sessions – $2,499 per person


“The key motivation to participate in the Disruptive Innovation Leadership Course (DILC) was to provide staff with a greater understanding of innovation principles, to instil the cultural concepts and value of an innovative workplace, and to equip staff with the skills and confidence to implement innovative and disruptive approaches to enhance their work. The course had the right balance of theory, discussion, group work and application through engaging activities facilitated by highly motivated and professional QUT staff. The highlight of the course was the Innovation Tour that provided participants with first hand exposure to cutting edge innovations in practice. The DILC has strengthened our organisation’s capability by equipping participants with highly valuable and readily transferable knowledge and new ways of thinking about and approaching innovation. The feedback from participants has been very positive and the course is highly recommended to organisations seeking to broaden their staff’s thinking, introduce new ways of solving problems and harness a culture of innovation.”

Department of Defence, 2018

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