The Chair in Digital Economy hosts regular research seminars and large public events. Every event equips audiences with new skills to better respond to the opportunities of XXI century.


All Chair in Digital Economy events have global focus, while maintaining relevance for local businesses and industries.

Thought Leadership

Prepare to be challenged and inspired! Our events attract dynamic world-class leaders from a cross section of academia, industry, government and beyond.


At every opportunity you are able to meet and connect with like-minded people to develop meaningful connections in and outside your industry.

Previous Events

Competing in the digital age seems like a constant race to maintain one’s digital edge. How do you measure and achieve your organisation’s digital readiness? What is the difference between digital confidence and digital maturity? Do you need to be digitally mature if your ecosystem isn’t?

In 2018 The ART of Digital was hosted at Myriad festival and explored why trusted, responsible and aspirational technology is crucial in shaping our future, and discuss the opportunities for organisations to lead in this space.

The Chair in Digital Economy is a joint venture and a globally unique partnership between, QUTPwCBrisbane Marketing and the Queensland Government. The Chair sets a world-class standard for collaboration among academia, industry and government. With all its partners, the Chair in Digital Economy has a shared goal to explore and develop new creative opportunities in an age of great disruption.

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